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Briefing Materials

  1. The 1993 PHVA Report

  2. The 2001 Orangutan Reintroduction and Protection Workshop report

  3. The 2002 Orangutan Conservation and Reintroduction Workshop report

  4. The 2004 PHVA Orangutan Workshop Report

  5. The Indonesian Orangutan Conservation Strategies and Action Plan 2007 – 2017

  6. IUCN/SSC Best Practice Guidelines for the Reintroduction of Great Apes

  7. IUCN/SSC Reintroductions and Other Conservation Translocations

  8. IUCN/SSC Manual of Procedures for Wildlife Disease Risk Assessment

  9. IUCN/SSC Guidelines for the Placement of Confiscated Animals

  10. Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Action Plan 2005

  11. Mapping perceptions of species’ threats and population trends to inform conservation effort: the Bornean orangutan case study.

  12. Recommendation on Conservation Unit of Orangutan in the Context of Re-introduction, 2015

  13. Orangutan population biology, life history, and conservation. Marshall et al 2011.

  14. Sabah Orangutan Action Plan 2012-2016.

  15. Summary of National Monitoring and Evaluation of Indonesian Orangutan Conservation Strategic and Action Plan 2007-2017 in 2013.

  16. Distribution and conservation status of the orang-utan (Pongo spp.) on Borneo and Sumatra: How many remain?

  17. Land-cover changes predict steep declines for the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii), 2016

  18. Understanding the impacts of land-use policies on a threatened species: Is there a future for the Bornean Orang-utan?

  19. Reintroduction of confiscated and displaced mammals risks outbreeding and introgression in natural populations, as evidenced by orang-utans of divergent subspecies

  20. Projecting genetic diversity and population viability for the fragmented orang-utan population in the Kinabatangan floodplain, Sabah, Malaysia

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